[ Eclipse lamp ]


Designed for a competition organised by Cinna, a Ligne Roset brand, with the brief «  innovative use of a material ». The Eclipse lamp is based on the flexible properties of textiles. It therefore allows the user to modulate the intensity of light thanks to a mechanical dimmer situated on top of the lamp. Designed with David Mélan.


We opted to take an original approach to using textiles, focusing on the elastic properties of this millennium material. Warm and comfortable, textile is yet very little present in lighting. Taking cues from classic lamps that often used a light-dimming potentiometer, the Eclipse lamp distinguishes itself by its mechanical variator obtained by the fabric’s tension enveloping the light source. Once lit, in the same spirit as natural light, the light never wavers. Its observed intensity varies according to the textile mesh tension state; like a cloud in front of the sun, it forms an occulting and filtering surface. Users are provided with their own natural light, that they can modulate at will. The environment no longer has to adapt to the light, but the light to its environment. Thus, the Eclipse lamp creates a sensitive relationship between man and light.