[ Foil ]

London Design Festival ‘16 was an opportunity for Layer to work with Braun in the creation of FOIL: an installation commissioned to launch the new Braun Series 9 Shaver. Installed in the tapestry galery of the Victoria and Albert Museum for three weeks, FOIL offered viewers an accessible and immersive, multi-sensorial experience. 

Braun Shaver

Series 9

Triangle pattern

inspired by foils

Layer breathe life into the values of forward thinking brands to deliver greater audience engagement. 


FOIL is a 20-metre-long undulating ribbon of 50,000 independently articulating metallic elements that scatter light in a constant rippling motion, transforming and responding to the traditional gallery space. 

Inspired by the precision engineering of the Braun shaver head, the 20-metre structure is powered by one high torque motor driving 200 fins beneath the 50,000 mirrors.


Managing a team of 8 product and textile designers, I was in charge of the creation of the artwork’s 20-metre-long fabric layer, covered with the 50,000 mirror finished triangles, in a very tight time schedule.