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Project designed with two engineering students from Harvard University, Boston, as part of the Idea Translation from artscience labs. A water filtration system that produces drinkable water from salt-rich water, while providing benefits to the local coastal environment (e.g. marketable brine byproduct, wildlife preservation, refuse removal), so that the cost of producing drinkable water from salt water is essentially zero.

Drawing inspiration from the kidney, we propose a “living” desalination unit capable of bringing economic independence, but also agricultural advancement and infrastructural improvement for coastal communities. We believe it to be a truly vital organ in the socio-economic growth of off-grid coastal towns. Beyond that, we envision it to be a true social hub, a space that can make a real impact in allowing water to be a zero-cost resource. We believe we can use a combination of existing technologies to make an efficient and cost effective unit. Through our research into recent innovations in this field, we have found that the coupling of existing desalination technologies can make desalination affordable and energy efficient. The two technologies we wish to explore are electrodialysis and reverse osmosis.

The Kidney

What can we learn from the human body, “the golden standard” about an energy efficient technique to desalinate seawater?

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