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How can we genuinely integrate autonomous vehicles in cities’ public transportation networks? As part of an industrial partnership with RATP (Parisian public transports), we were asked to envision an ecosystem within which the use of autonomous vehicles improves urban shared mobility. Designed with Matthias Goulard and David Mélan.

Choosing a transitional phase strongly influenced the response to autonomous vehicle’s legitimacy problem in the RATP’s (Parisian public transport) existing network. 

The preliminary work to immerse ourselves in the transitional universe, and to identify the opportunities offered by the autonomous technologies permitted to propose a concept directly enrolled in the current networks. Completing the existing means of transportation allows the road users to trust the vehicle, and to get them used to its presence, before unleashing it gradually. To facilitate this dialogue, personifying the pod by integrating mobile eyes in the design was the most efficient answer.

Project Groov’ is conceived as a transitional phase, destined to evolve with uses, always in need to learn.

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