[ Rozenbal ]


As part of an industrial partnership with Rozenbal, a household product company looking to update their visual identity, we were asked to design a whole range of household products. We sought to communicate the company’s new visual direction through seven distinct and representative products. Designed with David Mélan and Matthias Goulard.


Although Rozenbal has a real knowledge of industrial processes and  smart details in their products, good ideas are usually spread through too large a range of products. Futhermore, from one range to another, it is almost impossible to recognise a cohesive identity. The challenge was to reunite these good ideas into one emblematic range of seven products. Every detail in this new range comes from techniques and savoir-faire that Rozenbal have innately, thus permitting a fast development in the industrial process phase. Everything from the shapes, to the materials and the packaging, was thought through in order to improve the brand’s visibility to customers and fulfil their desire for efficient and elegant products. It was surprisingly thrilling for me, because it taught me that designing is fascinating, no matter what the product is.

Household range of products :

Details :