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How do we reconnect man to the environment? This project uses the mechanics of personification to give instant feedback on an environment’s «feelings» regarding excessive domestic consumptions. Placing the three robots in the building hallway, the resident will instantly know if the global consumption is responsible or not, and how to change bad consumption habits.

Society is evolving at a forever increasing rate whilst the environment struggles to cope with the speed of change. Every negative action from man has a consequence on the environment, but we do not truly comprehend the effect of our excessive behaviours. A comprehensive dialogue between man and the environment is needed, at a smaller, more human scale. Project WECo (Water, Electricity and Consumption) was designed with engineering students from Centrale Paris, ENS Cachan and Telecom Paristech, and seeks to change people’s excessive habits concerning domestic consumptions. Using the growth of digital and connected meters, the three robots are here to personify the building’s vitals, letting residents understand their impact via instant feedback.

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